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Little Switzerland Books and Beans Season 2017

Little Switzerland Books and Beans is a three-story bookstore absolutely stuffed with books.  We have gifts, Our Little Switzerland Artisan League with local arts and crafts, a full-service coffee and espresso bar, and books in every possible nook and cranny throughout the building.

The bookstore started life in 1987 under the ownership of Dr. Corey Johnson, recently deceased, and was expanded in 2004 by Thomas and Donna Wright.  Now under new ownership, Rick & Teresa Gougeon are breathing new life into the old store with the addition of coffee and espresso, a local art gallery, and Couture Boatworks.

We do not sell books online, but believe in the tried and true pleasure of browsing through the shelves to find old favorites and new treasures alike.  Let us know if we can help you locate a special title, or take an hour or day to explore our rabbit warren of rooms organized by subject matter.  We have a little bit of everything, from travel and regional guides to Classics to horror and the occult to women's studies.  We feature extensive sections of military history, medicine, cookbooks, religion, mystery and sci-fi. 

Come join us for a relaxing and refreshing journey through a local landmark as you scan the titles, cappuccino in hand.  A visit to our resort town, celebrating its 107th birthday this summer in 2017, is not complete without a stop in Little Switzerland Books and Beans!

Open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm, later on weekends.


9426 Hwy.226-A

Little Switzerland, NC 28749

Rick Gougeon, proprietor

Teresa Gougeon, proprietor

Moira Hutchings, manager/barista

Tamara O'Neill, barista

 We use only the finest coffee and espresso from Bean Werks Coffee Roasters, in Asheville, NC.  They roast to order, so it's always fresh.  They are incredible, and you should look them up if you're in the big city!!  

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